Vincent Cook

Vince was the third person to join the Dela core crew. He has been indispensable. Not only did he coin the name, he has brought us countless designs keeping us fresh every year. He is an amazing designer. From fashion, infografics or logo’s, you can expect something great.

He’s a legend


Mark Dipple

What can I say about Mr. Dipple, he has been listening to me ramble about a Canadian Syncro event since 2010. He has always been supportive doing things like running the registration booth, helping pile firewood, getting supplies, planning the event and more.

He’s a boss


Eric Berger

Mr. Berger was the fourth to join the team, he has the energy of a man a third of his age, he will do more set up, take more photos, cook more food, find more sponsors and supporters, have more drinks, and have more fun then anyone I have ever met.

He’s a beast